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When your employer receives an IRS Wage Levy notice, your wages can be affected on your very next paycheck. The IRS can levy as much as 85% of your net pay. That’s 85% of your take-home pay and the levy will stay in place until something is done about it. We can help stop IRS wage levy, 100% guaranteed or you don’t pay us a dime.

IRS has very current employment records on over 95% of the working population. Each year, employers and other payers of any kind of income must report those payments to IRS and Social Security. Most of those payments are in the form of W-2s and 1099s.

Armed with this information, IRS finds it extremely easy to locate your employer. A quick search of your own IRS Master File will turn up every employer who has paid you in the last year (and prior years as well). The IRS computer system is programmed to send out Wage Levy Notices to employers; therefore, live IRS employees are not even needed to complete the levy process – it can all be handled automatically. Faster, cheaper, more accurate, and definitely more deadly.

When your employer receives an IRS Wage Levy Notice, your wages should be affected on your very next paycheck. Some employers may not honor the levy notice immediately, though. IRS can levy as much as 85% of your net pay. That’s 85% of your take-home pay! And the levy will stay in place until something is done about it.

This is usually where we come in. 75% of our clients come to us after they have received an IRS Wage Garnishment. The remainder of our wage levy clients call us before the levy actually hits. However, the results of our work are always the same – we get the levy released (if there is one) and/or get a satisfactory agreement with IRS that will keep them out of our client’s paycheck and bank account and get our clients back on their feet again in a matter of days.

Since we’ve been in the IRS Wage Garnishment Release business so long, and especially since its the absolute focus of all our work, we have become quite adept at it. That’s why we can give you such a great guarantee and keep our fees lower than the industry average. Our turnaround time is 1 to 5 days. Usually 2 or 3 days.

Remember, IRS Wage Garnishment Releases are all we do. They’re not one of many different services we provide. We have made the decision not to let anything else get in the way of our IRS Wage Levy Release work – so if its not directly related to an IRS Levy, we don’t do it. That keeps us focused and free to do the work we do best.

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